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Facilitating Sensitive Conversations

  • Succession and estate planning
  • Performance, compensation, etc.
  • Starting a Family Council
  • Shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Marriage contracts
  • Change management
  • What to do about the cottage?
  • Care planning for a family member


My rates are 1/2 that of lawyers, and less than many accountants. Those professionals are often necessary and a helpful resource, but not required to facilitate all of the tough conversations you need to have.

Mediating Disputes

First I assess the situation and propose a plan.  Then I work fast, because you don’t want the crisis to drag out.  I offer the flexibility of evening or weekend appointments, and travel to your premises, if desired.



Suppose you are starting succession planning.  I like to coach the next generation to help them determine what role they want to play (if any), how they can acquire the needed skills and buy-in, or assess their own abilities.  I am certified to use the EQ-i (including the Leadership or 360 or other versions) as a tool for such coaching.

Perhaps you struggle with interpersonal relationships.  Or perhaps some manager needs help knowing where the line for appropriate conduct is.  Coaching can help.

Or maybe you have a current dispute, but the other person isn’t interested in talking about it.  Conflict coaching can help you with your strategy and skills, to find a way to get the other person to listen to you.