Are you interested in facilitation for group discussions on important matters?
Or mediation of a dispute with the help of a professional to keep matters constructive?
Or coaching of individuals for personal growth or problem solving?
Perhaps training or team building of a group?
Or an organizational climate assessment to discover what issues are causing problems?
Or investigation of alleged misconduct?
The common element of these roles is that I am able to stay impartial until and unless my opinion is wanted.  Also I have the skills to manage tough talks.  Constructive and confidential conversation.

Facilitation of Sensitive or Planning Conversations

Are you thinking about succession planning or other changes to ownership or management, in accordance with best practices?  Do you need help with your Family Council or Board?  Do you need a shareholder agreement or marriage contract?  Or perhaps the issue is caregiving plans, or cottage sharing?

Clients often regret not taking preventative measures before a crisis.

If you aren’t sure what you need, let’s talk about your situation and best practices.

Given that I am likely half the cost of your accountant or lawyer, and will not hard sell you a product as might your bank or financial advisor, start your process with me.  My expertise is listening and helping conversations happen, in the special context of closely-held businesses.  Once we have the draft plan, you can go to your financial and/or legal advisor for advice and to finalize matters.  Your current trusted advisors are always part of my team.

The advantage is you will avoid the common situation of ending up with documents that no one understands or agreed to, based on boilerplates that don’t suit your situation; as well as the anger from people being told to sign things into which you had no input.

Mediation of Disputes

After assessing the situation – often with individual meetings – I move quickly because you don’t want the crisis to drag out.  I offer the flexibility of evening and sometimes weekend appointments, and travel to your premises, if desired.


Usually this is one-on-one.  Types of situations:

  • Personal and/or leadership development: I am certified to use the EQ-i (including the Leadership version) as a useful tool.  I like to coach the anticipated heirs to help them determine what role they can take on.
  • Conflict Coaching: Perhaps you are in a dispute with an unwilling counterpart.  Or you have an ongoing difficulty with one or many interpersonal relationships.  I can help you with your strategy and skills.

Sensitivity Coaching:  If you, or an employee, need help knowing where the line for appropriate conduct is, my knowledge of harassment law and other appropriate workplace conduct can help.



Topics include the soft skills (communication, negotiation, etc.) and best practices for closely-held companies.  Customized for your needs and length, designed to harness your collective wisdom.

Team Building

Using the EQ-i instrument and/or personality tools, communication skills, and facilitated dialogue, I can improve your team’s functioning.

Organizational Climate Assessment

For complex problems, this is the best starting point, and may be all that’s needed.  The report, based on interviews and other sources, will give you the information you need to decide what action to take.

Workplace Investigations

Employers need to enforce their policies, which often means a proper investigation.  The best are arms-length and quick enough to allow the problem to be fixed fast.