Daryl Landau, Toronto MediatorDARYL LANDAU, M.A., M.Sc., FDRP MED.

In my 20 years of consulting, I have had many roles: mediator, coach, facilitator, business advisor, investigator, etc.  But my main goal is to facilitate difficult or important conversations (succession and estate plans, shareholder agreements, Family Councils, marriage contracts, etc.), and thereby prevent dysfunctional conflict.

I hold a FDRP (family dispute resolution professional, mediator) designation at the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, and I have a graduate degree in conflict resolution from George Mason University near D.C.

Coming from a family business of my own, it was natural for me to be attracted to this potent mix of business and intimate relationships.  My esteemed parents were my first teachers. Barbara Landau, an award-winning family mediator, and Sy Landau, Human Resources VP for whom the ADR Institute created a scholarship in his memory.  Together we trained thousands in conflict management.  We wrote From Conflict to Creativity (2001).

And I am certified in the EQ-i Emotional Intelligence instrument that I use for coaching.  I was a director of the ADR Institute of Ontario and co-chair the Business-Commercial Section.  I created and chaired the advisory board of the for-profit Ontario Small Business Network.  And I recently published my latest ebook, Firm Foundation.

It took me a while to find the world of family businesses and closely-held corporations.  I found it after journeying through the realms of workplace conflict, marital separations and other family matters, etc.


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