Partner Pros & Woes, Part 1: My Online PP Tool

Most people can’t or don’t want to start and run a business alone.  The stats show that partners outperform solopreneurs.  And partnerships are not just in business, but also homes, cottages, and co-ops. We need each other.  But partners, being people, come with their baggage.  And that gets overlooked in the honeymoon phase.

The wisdom out there is to prevent trouble by being careful who you choose, and have a Partnership or Shareholder Agreement and other ‘what if’ measures.  I recently developed a tool for business partners – the Common Ground Proactive Partnership Tool, particularly those not yet committed.  My hope is that with the online tool and my lower cost (relative to lawyers) personal service, security will make this the easiest path for busy entrepreneurs.

The questions cover the spectrum from compatibility of vision, values, skills, personality, etc., to more structural dimensions of the business and partnership.  They include advice about other prevention measures, such as Marriage Contracts (something I can also assist with).