Getting assistance with your business and/or family does not need to be costly or complicated.  The best path is often a conversation among the right people with the help of a skillful facilitator who can reach common ground.  From there, you will know specifically what you need to move forward.


Daryl Landau, M.A., M.Sc., Acc.FM

In my 20 years of consulting, I have had many roles: mediator, coach, facilitator, business advisor, investigator, etc.  But my main goal is to facilitate difficult or important conversations (succession and estate plans, shareholder agreements, Family Councils, marriage contracts, etc.), and thereby prevent dysfunctional conflict.

I hold a FDRP (family dispute resolution professional, mediator) designation at the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, and I have a graduate degree in conflict resolution from George Mason University near D.C.

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  • 2355 Derry Road E, Unit 27, Mississauga, ON L9T 5Z5